About Us

L & J Premium Transport Brokers, LLC has over 15 years’ experience. We originated in the windy City (Chicago, Illinois, however we have recently relocated right outside of Chicago to Rockford. Illinois. We are still adjusting, while enjoying every moment of our new surroundings.

We were founded in 2002, since then our number one priority has been you. We provide quality transportation solutions to our customers by first determining your needs, then exceeding your expectations. We only work with the best carriers. We screen each carrier extensively before we choose them as your carrier. The carriers we choose have a clean history of shipping cars without any reported damages. Each carrier we work with must exuberate great communication skills.

Finally, they must pick up, deliver in a timely manner, and be dependable.

We manage and track the movement of your shipment, while also keeping you informed.

Our customers love to work with us because they receive A-1 treatment and they know that we handle their shipments with care, promptly, and professionally. We heard through the grapevine that our customers are highly impressed with the fact that we educate our customers and have knowledgeable representatives that’s always prepared and happy to assist them.

Let us dedicate ourselves to go the extra mile for you!


How We Operate

01 | Request a free quote

02 | Compare prices

03 | Contact Us

04 | Contract Time

05 | It’s your Turn

06 | We take Responsibility

07 | Evaluation

08 | We Contact You

09 | Pay

10 | Dispatcher/ Driver

11 | Pick Up

12 | The Call

13 | The Big Day

14 | The End


For a more detailed process, check out this article we wrote outlining each step in detail.

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What Makes Us Unique

Our customers are treated like family. We are very protective over our customers and their vehicles One way we protect you is simply by working with only the best carriers. The carriers we work with must have the same outlook as we do when it comes to customers. They must love what they do.


We offer discounts

      • Military
      • 65+ years young
      • Students
      • Multiple vehicle discount


We keep our customers informed every step of the way (we also stay in contact with the carrier)

  • We contact the carrier the day before picking up to assure they are on track and have all your information correct. We also remind them to contact you.
  • The day the carrier picks up your vehicle we call them for confirmation.
  • We call the carrier 5 days after your vehicle has been picked up to get a rough estimate on a delivery date for you.
  • Then we send you an email with the estimated timeframe.
  • Once the delivery date arrives, we call the carrier to confirm delivery
  • Finally, we contact you to ask if everything is to your satisfaction.


30 per day guarantee  

  • Once your vehicle is picked up, times start. If in 14 days you haven’t received your vehicle, then we pay you $30.00 per day until your vehicle arrives. This is just a little inconvenience fee because we care. We know that it’s imperative that our customers receive their vehicles in a timely manner.
  • We don’t charge your credit card until we find the carrier that’s best for you. That’s right no payment in advance. **Some companies charge a big deposit up front while others charge the entire payment before your vehicle is even picked up**


There’s no hidden fees

  • Unfortunately, with some companies you get hit with surcharges after you have already paid your non-refundable deposit or “non-refundable fee.” The total we give you is the total you pay. There’s no fine print. We know how that may feel if you just have fees thrown at you suddenly without warning.
  • We never make promises that we can’t keep, which is why we just don’t make promises at all. We will always be genuine with you. So therefore, if for some reason things don’t go as planned, it’s our job to inform you as we come up with a solution. Yes we want to keep a smile on your face, but hiding things from you just isn’t the way.
  • The quote we give is the total cost of our services, unless the circumstance change because you needed to make a change, not us. If you don’t make changes neither do we.
  • We use a special system to find the carrier that meets the criteria to work with our clients.
  • Best of all, we save trees the pain and suffering.
  • No need to fax or scan any documents over to us.
  • We send contracts through your email, it’s as simple as signing with your finger, and pressing the send button. That’s right your pointer finger just may be your best friend.
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