Frequently Asked Questions

That’s completely a decision that we leave up to you the customer. 95% of the vehicles are transported open, this is the most popular way. Unless you make a request for your vehicle to be shipped enclosed it will most likely be shipped open. High end, luxury cars are often shipped enclosed for the ultimate protection. There’s different elements in the air that can possibly damage your vehicle but this rarely happens. Shipping your vehicle enclosed protect it from (from hail, ice, road hazards, etc.).

All types of vehicles, all makes and models.

Start by contacting us and then getting a quote. After you receive a quote and you decide to work with us then you will sign the contracts agreeing to work with us. After the contracts are signed we with begin finding you a carrier that best fits your needs.

No, we don’t recommend it. We can’t be liable for your precious items being damaged or possibly missing. No personal items should be left in the vehicle.

We do our very best to estimate transit times as closely as possible. Sometimes the weather and the road conditions may cause delays that’s out of our control. Unfortunately, there’s no transport company that can guarantee you an exact time delivery because we can’t predict the future. But what we can guarantee is that we will do the best we can to come as close to the approximate time that we gave. We just want to do our best to keep a smile on your face.

Once we find a carrier that fits your needs we will charge your credit or debit card for your initial payment. The driver can will accept COD (cash on delivery), certified check, or money order.

No. because we will no longer be responsible for your vehicle once it’s left at a terminal. Anything can happen and we don’t want you to come back to any damages even if the vehicle is out of our hands.

Yes. The deposit will not be charged until we find a carrier that works best for you.

Yes. But it will be costlier.

Deactivate any anti- theft devices. Lower or remove antenna if possible. Make sure your vehicle has anti-freeze to protect it from cold weather. Only have up to a ½ tank of gas, no more than that. It will only add onto costly weight to the transport truck. Make sure all your personal belongings are out of your vehicle. Be sure that you or an authorized party is available for pickup. If you would like, have a camera to take pictures of your vehicle before it leaves your possession. We want to bring your vehicle back just the way we received it.

Record it on the Bill of Lading. Make sure you have before and after pictures to back up your claims.

Yes. If for some reason you can’t be present be sure to give us the necessary information of an authorize party of your choice. The authorize party can be present if you cannot.

No, you cannot put any type of cover on your vehicle.

Yes. But this will cost more. One day may not always be guaranteed but we can be sure to expedite the process for you.

As soon as we find the carrier that best fits your needs we will process your order and give you an estimated date of pickup and delivery.

Yes. If you give us the authorize party information and they have I.D. at the time of drop off.

You can contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.